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great singer
shame she feels she has to sell her body to get people to buy records but I suppose it gives people something to look at
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
39 216
A hot half Hispanic, half Caucasian blonde pop star whom can actually sing! though she has questionable taste, she did date a attractive Rican guy but is currently with an ugly bland white boy.
Did you see "dirrty"?

Yeah, the men in that video are HOT.
by klum April 09, 2005
36 214
a goddess who is the true pop princess and is extremely beautiful and sexy unlike the ugly bimbo britney spears who wants christina to fuck her but christina is too classy for a hoe like her, i wish christina and jessica simpson would be a couple and make britney their maid.
britney: i love u christina please fuck me or at leat finger me...
christina: no i dont want u u ugly bitch.
christina gives her a wedgie and pills her hair and makes her kiss her beautiful ass and then slams her into the ground, then jessica simpson shouves her boot up her ass.
britney: oh christina, im sorry, im ur slave.
by SAS February 02, 2005
56 239