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A Christian Warrior is someone who is not afraid to pick up thier cross and follow Christ. They know that to live is Christ, and to die is gain, and they are willing to give what they cannot keep to gain what they cannot lose. They live by The Vision. They wake up every morning prepared for battle, waging the war against sin and death so that all might come to life in Christ. They are fearless. Unafraid, they boldly face persecution, ridicule, and even torture with unwavering faith and a steadfast heart.

Their battles are often silent.
Their victories go unnoticed by the world.
They fight not against people, but against sin.
They do not strive for earthly treasure, but for heavenly rewards.
They wield the weapons of truth, prayer, and love.
I am proud to be a Christian Warrior, and I fight the most important battle in the world.
by Warrior4Jah July 24, 2006
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A Christian, often under 25, who holds an almost monk-like dedication to a strict gospel and New Testament based lifestyle, with an emphasis on non-forceful Evangelisim. The mark of a Christian Warrior is a literal death before dishonor attitude to faith, and an open anger at church corruption. Warriors often are active in youth outreach/ministry and community orgnization, and often attend Christian-themed events. Many are also members of Christian groups such as the Silver Ring Thing. Christian Warrior culture also has some Rastafarian/urban culture influences, but those have lessened somewhat as the movement aged. The term Christian Warrior orJah Warrior, is believed to have been coined by the band P.O.D., on the album "the Fundamental Elements of Southtown."
"A Christian Warrior is often a P.O.D. fan."
"Represent, my fellow warriors!"
"I'll die before I deny Christ"

by the_Informer May 07, 2008
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A person who believes that he or she has found a level of enlightenment when actually he or she has been brainwashed and is being controlled by their thoughts that was conditioned in by the brainwashers instead.
Wow, did you see that crazy Christian Warrior lady on youtube who was telling kids to destroy warlocks?
by Post Whisperer November 17, 2007
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