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An individual who holds aggressively negtive views of Christianity. Unlike an Athiest/Agnostic, a Christian Hater will only critisize Christianity, and not other religions. A Christian Hater can be recognized by their habit of calling Christians Xians or Xtians, and by their use of childish insults and condecending tone when talking to them. They also are prone to comparing Christians to Nazis. A sure sign of a Christian Hater is their claim that the Bible is full of contradictions and bigotry, but also claim they have never read it themselves, and don't need to.(They may sometimes cite Sam Harris or Daniel Dennet as their source of Bible info, to lend credibility to their claims). They are most often found on online message boards, where they may use multiple screen names at any given time.
"A Christian Hater can be found on most online message boards."
"Hitler was a model Christian."
"Quit cramming your Jesus shit down our throats!"
"Atheists never use violence. Only Christians kill."
"Religion is a form of mental illness."
"STFU you Fundie!"
"Jesus really teaches you to hate people."
"People with Imaginary friends are stupid."
"I'm a freethinker, no book of myths runs my life."
"Christianity is intellectual suicide."
"Proud member of the Rational Response Squad."
by the_Informer February 13, 2008
A Christian, often under 25, who holds an almost monk-like dedication to a strict gospel and New Testament based lifestyle, with an emphasis on non-forceful Evangelisim. The mark of a Christian Warrior is a literal death before dishonor attitude to faith, and an open anger at church corruption. Warriors often are active in youth outreach/ministry and community orgnization, and often attend Christian-themed events. Many are also members of Christian groups such as the Silver Ring Thing. Christian Warrior culture also has some Rastafarian/urban culture influences, but those have lessened somewhat as the movement aged. The term Christian Warrior orJah Warrior, is believed to have been coined by the band P.O.D., on the album "the Fundamental Elements of Southtown."
"A Christian Warrior is often a P.O.D. fan."
"Represent, my fellow warriors!"
"I'll die before I deny Christ"

by the_Informer May 07, 2008

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