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To release a fart of any kind in public, whether it is moist and rank, loud and raunchy, or even silent and smelling of cherries.
Josh: Dude did you Chris?

Eliiott: Yes, how could you tell?

Josh: I smelled cherries... and I heard a sonic boom come out of your butt.
by skiggityskot November 03, 2012
Someone with a huge ear
Wow look at the size of his ear, he must be a chris.
by dannib8 November 19, 2011
The most amazing guy ever, who spends his life trying to have fun and keep his girlfriend happy. He is wanted by every girl around him, but he will never be unfaithful to his girlfriend. He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and if you do meet one, you want to keep him close.
girl 1: "He is such a sweet guy."
girl 2: "Yeah, he's a real Chris."
by Kiley1208 November 05, 2011
A loving human being that is unque in every way. Usually can't get girls on the first try,but gets a girl that every guy wants. Not every guy wants to be chris..but he's special in his own way. Usually very tall but obnoxous. And can emotionally hurt you...but does'nt mean to hurt you.
Maddie: I met a guy named chris last night!
Kellly: I wish i was you!
by wenis buddy :) <3 October 25, 2011
The sexiest bitch around and he is all mine. SWAG is so sick, always imitated - never duplicated. Comes off as a bad ass, (it's the hair) but is really a twinkie on the inside. LOVES to play poker and win. Never bluffs both in life and his cards, but is always careful not to play every hand. Has mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful lips, and the softest hands. Has the kindest heart and is the most genuine of all people he associates with. He can be a little hot tamale, and isnt one to be effed with, but after you get past that, he is a kind, loving teddy bear. Chris is unforgettable, and very genuine. He at times can clog toilets but will clean up his mess, he loves subway, and will kick your bitch ass any day up and down the court in basket ball. I love Chris, and he is the only one I ever want to be with forever. X1X
"Isn't dude rocking the same outfit you wore out to the club last week?"

........"Maaaannnnn, he just Chrissed you."
by IIIIXIXIIII October 22, 2011
The awesome kid who always likes to party, also a hunk and is really good at attracting women. A chris is a kid with a rockstar life. The quiet kid with the massive cock. The swagtific one. The one everybody hates varies from chris to chris.
" Im not going to the party unless Chris Beasley goes." The party harder, The swagifier, The stiff mister.
by Swagswagswagswagswag123 October 18, 2011
Chris is a sex god who loves only one girl and is really special

He is mostly compatible with: Kayleigh
Omg Chris is so fit, too bad hes into only 1 special girl
by WhoeverYouWant October 01, 2011
The most awesome guy to ever walk the earth, is so awesome that he only needs to wear a top hat to pick up chicks. All guys want to be him, and all thing girls wanna be with him.
Girl 1: Hey did you see that guy with that top hat?

Girl 2: Oh yeh, thats Chris.

*Girl 1 faints*

Girl: Chris, top hats don't pick up chicks!

*Chris puts on top hat*

*Girl faints*
by Netheri July 03, 2011