A girl is giving a man a blow job and right before he blows his load she slaps her cheeks. Then when she pulls of he ejaculates al over her mouth and chin, giving her a beard and rossie cheeks.
Yo nolan when you mom was blowing me last night i gave her a chris crinkle.
by PatMan629 November 18, 2007
Top Definition
its a new term used when you make a mistake when tattooing someone,or you see a very bad tattoo its becoming widely used in tattoo shops all around north america
"did you see that tattoo? someone chris crinkled that one"
"oh man the colour and linework is horrible,I really chris crinkled it"
by Craig_E January 01, 2008
Chris Crinkle (Noun)
And inflatable Santa Clause lawn or roof onament that is partially or completely deflated.
Thanks to the neighbor kid's bb gun I am now the proud owner of Chris Crinkle.
by coctopus January 05, 2007
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