Verb: To Chris Brown

When you're on the dance floor, getting your grind on, and you can help but put your hands around your lady's neck and squeeze the shit out of her.
"Yeah man... first i showed her my two step, then I Chris Browned the shit out of her!"
by Gooseman1515 February 16, 2009
When you find out your girl has a sexually transmitted diesease ,and you get pissed off so you beat her ass for passing it on to you......
Girl: I was just minding my own buisness til my boyfriend chris browned me in our apartment *cries*

Boyfriend: Dayumm! she deserved it now im gonna die of aids because of this shit!

*they even made a song out of this ordeal too*
by AnotherGuyInTown February 12, 2009
a guy that punches a women in the face
you just chris browned that bitch
by ashketchum1 February 10, 2009
A wannabe Hilary Duff like singer that is black and sing songs such as Run-It that appeals basically to 14 year old girls and 50 year old men that like these 14 years old girls.
Teenybopper: OMG!! Chris Brown is like so sexy and he is sooo talented... OMG I wanna marry him!!!
Normal 35 year old: Get a life and listen to Hilary Duff/Hannah Montana.
by Lil Duff 2008 June 18, 2008
The act of beating someone senseless.
Person 1: Yo, I think dude gettin mad.
Person 2: He is! He bout to go Chris Brown on his ass!!!
by bgeor002 March 03, 2009
To get beatin by the opposite sex.
Get beatin without defending yourself.
(wife to husband) hunny ima go out with the girls tonight.
(husband to wife) don't stay out to late or ill chris brown your ass.
oh damn that boy just got chris browned.
by ewezzy February 23, 2009
any act of violence against a woman
He straight Chris Browned her in the jaw!
by chi city real talk February 10, 2009
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