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Brand name of scouring pad used also by people smoking crack to retain some of the cocaine vapors. Can then be fired up and smoked for a second hit.
That's a dirty pan. Use a Chore boy!
by sevenhn December 12, 2005
A abrasive copper pad for cleaning, but in the urban definition is as a necessary part of creating a crack pipe. First get yourself a stem. A clear tube..... usually can be purchased at a convienient store with a small rose in it....
cut up the chore boy....stuff a piece in your stem.....about a half inch....and leave about a half inch open on one end...... the chore boy now becomes your filter in your crack pipe..... now lean your head back with the stem in the air....
put yourself a crack rock in the open end and take a fire to the end and suck the crack smoke into your lungs...... exhale...repeat
We need a new chore boy, this one is all shot out......
by jimcock April 13, 2007
when your dick is rubbed raw as a result of friction from extended contact with your sexual partners pubic hair
Q: yo, you get lucky wid dat ho last night?

A: nah bro, i was all choreboy from the night before
by cookzilla October 21, 2007
A person who is the designated bitch at any specific time
Yo chore boy, go pick up some wendys.
by BK January 27, 2004
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