Covering someones yard in chopsticks. This includes, but is no limited to scattering chopsticks throughout their yard, sticking chopsticks into their yard, etc.
Dude let's go chop-sticking tonight
by pigeons_are_forever June 23, 2010
Top Definition
v. present participle: Any aggressive action using a straight arm and hand - where the elongated appendage resembles the tapered shape of a chopstick. This can take the form of chopping, poking, smacking, etc, particularly by someone not trained in the martial arts. (to chopstick, chopsticked)
The student received a detention for chopsticking the boy in front of him during a test.
by Sorensgun July 21, 2009
It is the act of two guys rubbing their penises together. Is the male version of Scissoring.
Guy 1- "I walked in on Cole chopsticking with my dad."
Guy 2- "What is chopsticking?"
Guy 1- "It is when two guys rub their penises together"
by padra6969 March 02, 2012
the act of using two fingers (usually index and thumb) to eat food in order to avoid getting other fingers dirty
Bob: Can i have some of your popcorn
Alex: sure!
Bob: can u pass me the big fluffy looking one?
Alex: *sneezes* sorry man, better start "chopsticking"
by Mama Cosma June 27, 2011
When a man attempts to have sex with an Asian woman.
One male said to the other male, “Let’s go chopsticking tonight. I’m in the mood to bang a hot Asian.”
by Whatthefuckdudeidontcare August 06, 2009
Like spooning, but with the legs crossed like chopsticks.
My girlfriend prefers chopsticking to spooning
by Lovebutts June 21, 2009
The act of using chopsticks
I am going to get sushi tonight so I can do some chopsticking.
by Matt Zwick June 07, 2006
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