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v. present participle: Any aggressive action using a straight arm and hand - where the elongated appendage resembles the tapered shape of a chopstick. This can take the form of chopping, poking, smacking, etc, particularly by someone not trained in the martial arts. (to chopstick, chopsticked)
The student received a detention for chopsticking the boy in front of him during a test.
by Sorensgun July 21, 2009
33 5
It is the act of two guys rubbing their penises together. Is the male version of Scissoring.
Guy 1- "I walked in on Cole chopsticking with my dad."
Guy 2- "What is chopsticking?"
Guy 1- "It is when two guys rub their penises together"
by padra6969 March 02, 2012
5 2
the act of using two fingers (usually index and thumb) to eat food in order to avoid getting other fingers dirty
Bob: Can i have some of your popcorn
Alex: sure!
Bob: can u pass me the big fluffy looking one?
Alex: *sneezes* sorry man, better start "chopsticking"
by Lettie Konndo June 27, 2011
4 2
Covering someones yard in chopsticks. This includes, but is no limited to scattering chopsticks throughout their yard, sticking chopsticks into their yard, etc.
Dude let's go chop-sticking tonight
by pigeons_are_forever June 23, 2010
2 0
When a man attempts to have sex with an Asian woman.
One male said to the other male, “Let’s go chopsticking tonight. I’m in the mood to bang a hot Asian.”
by Whatthefuckdudeidontcare August 06, 2009
2 15
Like spooning, but with the legs crossed like chopsticks.
My girlfriend prefers chopsticking to spooning
by Lovebutts June 21, 2009
9 25
The act of using chopsticks
I am going to get sushi tonight so I can do some chopsticking.
by Matt Zwick June 07, 2006
6 27