choot is the blessing of God handle with care~
use it when it says~
by Shagufta May 22, 2004
Choot means most beautiful part of female body i.e. her vagina
Choot woh bala hai jiske liye duniya ka har lund paagal hai. Kuch mote lund choot of phaad bhi dete hain
by Sadhu August 14, 2003
Choot is very imprtant and nice part of a wman. Nothing is beautiful more than choot
Choot na hote tou dunya main koi na hota
by Thurstyboy May 13, 2004
Choot is called choot because it leaks. LOVE IS Laving Of Vaginal Orifice by tongue/fingers/penis. Penis is called penis because it penetrates. GIRL (Grip/Insert/Rotate/Lave) is like a Washing Machine (Grip/Insert/Rotate/Lave).
Choot chooti hai isiliye choot kahlati hai. Choot area includes female urethera also which not only leaks out the urine but also the orgasmic waters of female.
by AJAY GUPTA January 10, 2004
A Shivika, especially one from Bangladesh.
Shivika is a choot
by thug_gangsta_69 May 24, 2010
idiot. used to refer to a male. abbreviation of the Hindi word "chootiyaa".
He's a choot. He just won't get it.
by vaayoo November 13, 2011
A man desires women to wide her legs for him and enjoy her choot.
Ladies with good 5'7" heights have nice choots.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003

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