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(N:) Warning do not be fooled by her looks as she can be very vicious at time, has been known to rate burps and other sounds exiting the body. She can adapt to many living conditions given her abnormal sized feet she has been seen walking over deep pallets of snow and even water. She is not a very good gambler and has been known to leave abruptly after loosing only a small amount of money and will blame it on others. Be very careful when approaching a Chookianna they may be easy on the eyes but is a force to be reckoned with.
"Oooo Chookianna that was a good one I'll Give you a 6"

"Dang Chookianna you only lost .50 cent were you goin?" "yall don't know how to play I'm leaving!!"
by illregular July 11, 2010
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