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An unpleasant slang term which is often used by lowland/city Scots to describe those who live in the highlands and isles of Scotland.

The opposite to a choocter is a 'toonser', or 'townser', which means a Scot who lives in a town or city.
"See you choochters, you're aye humpin' sheep, aye?"
"Shut it ya toonser cunt."
by kiltmaster September 09, 2009
An endearing term that Glasgow people use for anyone who does not live within 4 miles of Glasgow. Also a choocter is anyone who says ken when they mean “you know”.
So where you fay choochter?
Still shaggin sheep in choochter land?
A ya dirty sheep shagging choochter!
by McShug November 13, 2010
A slang for someone from northern ireland.
Mccunty is a bloody choochter, I hear he mounts sheeps well quite often.
by astar April 07, 2006

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