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(ch-owned) when a girl is with a guy that is overacheiving by having a girlfriend that is way out of his league.
Shawn has a girlfriend that is superattractive, funny and smart. Shawn is none of the above but somehow managed to get this girl.

ie. She got choned.
by miwild March 26, 2009
n. the ultimate of pwning.

v. The act of choning; to shut one down in the most spectacular of fashions.
You done been cho'ned, bitch.


Friend: Shouldn't you be wearing a tie with that shirt?
Friend 2: Shouldn't you be sucking my dick?
Friend 3: oh Friend 1, you done been cho'ned!
by marchingon April 19, 2011
Literally meaning "chopped" and "stoned" - at the same time, in the high sense.
Dude, I'm soooo choned
by MenJen August 15, 2008
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