Extreme form of the munchies, but more severe. A crazy compulsion that causes someone to crave eating huge amounts of food
Since i hadn't eaten all day, i had really big chompies and i almost drank of Henry's Arizona Tea and food.
by K-cheezy December 09, 2008
Top Definition
The process of eating a biscuit (particularly Hob-Nobs) badly creating a large quantity of crumbs and making everyone else in the room feel sick. This also applies to the consumption of sandwiches and is particularly relevant where the sandwich contains mayonnaise. 28_F 451_.
Morris is a chompy cunt.
by Bollock-Chops March 04, 2004
(adj) or (noun) used to describe or name something that is unbelievably cute you writhe uncontrollably at how much you want to squeeze it.
Did you see that corgi? It was so chompy I wanted to steal it!
by Chompysaur January 21, 2016
A Finnish word for zombies due the the Finnish inability speak proper Queen's English.
"Kite the chompies!"
by Rip to the H February 19, 2009
(noun) any object or item whose name cannot be immediately recalled.
hey throw me the chompy. OR let me hit the chompy.
by julio gonzalez June 07, 2007
adjective; Chompy is the greatest compliment which one can be paid. Chompy= Sexy+. When someone is so sexy that you just want to chomp on them.
Did you see Zooey Deschanel in her new movie? She was chompy!

Man... I want to fuck your girlfriend. Bitch is chompy!
by Errol Mad February 03, 2012
adj. - describes a person, place or thing that is favorable or positive. Derived from something that is so good you could eat it up or chomp down on it.
"Fort Lauderdale is a chompy place to roam for Spring Break."

"Looks like a chompy day today so I won't need an umbrella."

"That Mr. Kuldau is a chompy teacher - I hope I get him for English this year!"
by Grimsbaugh August 05, 2009

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