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A fat, chubby or overweight person.
Can be used as a derogatory comment or as a term of endearment.
"Did you see that fat bitch at Nambour Hospital, making trouble for those two young kids? What a f'ing chomby."

"Aw bubby, you're such a chomby!"
by Shit bits December 04, 2004
5 30
Derogatory term used in South-west England for nigger also see coon
Niz: Ryan fuckin' chomby gets on my fuckin' nerves
Lurch: lol!
by ThePyrotechnik January 04, 2008
26 15
Big fat black women with huge arses
You ugly fucking chombie
by Sam Clarke March 18, 2005
19 9
Indian either food or person. Non derogatory
Let's go for a chombie
Sanjeet is a chombie
by Nick Goddard March 22, 2005
7 9