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a. One of the four humors of ancient and medieval physiology, thought to cause anger and bad temper when present in excess; yellow bile.
b. An extremely sarcastic Socialist blog noted for it's anger and bad temper when discussing ConDem Nation, and most especially that lying scumsucker Nick Clegg.
Choler wrote: Were Clegg to say that he approved of eating delicious moist chocolate cake I would change my eating habits!

Choler wrote: The arch-Tory Daily Mail quotes his (Nick Clegg's) son as asking “Why are the students angry with you, Papa?” Well, it’s like this Antonio…your father is a lying scumsucker with all the moral integrity of a rabid stoat, and he and his party are directly responisble for keeping in power a Conservative majority coalition government who are steadily dismantling everything of value in the country.

Result of Choler’s first poll. Posted by Choler on February 23, 2011 I asked, whom would you most like to punch in the face and you, my heroic comrade readers, said: 1.Nick Clegg. 30.43%

Choler wrote: I hate Nick fucking Clegg!
by Choler May 31, 2011
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