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A combination of 2 words- Choice and Asphyxia.

Hence made of 2 parts:-
When and individual is confronted with an array of choice, within a particular category, and all are virtually identical.

Because of the vomit of choices available, and the fear of exploring all the choices, the indiviudal panics. This is choiceasphyxia.

Patience and the boredom of exploring all the choices to find which one best suits an individual is too daunting. So the individual ends up rejecting all choices and leaves- with nothing!
I went to the supermarket to buy tuna. There was lemon tuna, chilli tuna, spiced tuna, 1000 freaking tunas and all I wanted was tuna. I had a bad case of choiceasphyxia, I couldn't handle it, so I bailed.
by Deb W September 12, 2005

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