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'Choggles' is a combination of two words, 'China' and 'goggles.' Choggles are similar in function to beer goggles. The main difference is that Choggles are only worn at the point of intoxication - if you have the yellow fever.

Choggles will make all women look of Asian decent, making them fair game for any male suffering the yellow fever.
Dude, I've got the yellow fever really bad. I'm getting a few more drinks from the bar so I can put my Choggles on.
by JRJH January 24, 2011
'Choggle' is a youtube comedy sketch viewed by little people. Choggle stars Chris Lature and Greg Phillips. They are completely different figures of characteristics.
"Hey did you see the new episode of Choggle?" said Teddy "Yeah, it was friggin sweet!!!" said Alex
by choggle star April 08, 2010
To become unstuck in time, travelling back to a point where you exist simultaneously with yourself. Sometimes associated with a sense of deja vu.
Denzel Washington got choggled in that movie.
by Choggle Pants July 20, 2008
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