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In Korean, "choding" refers to "elementary school kid".

When it's used for someone who isn't a kid (teenager, grown-up,...), it means that this person is childish and acts like a kid.
This guy acts like a little kid, he is really a Choding !
by eLement August 27, 2013
Cho Ding or just Cho, just means bye. Funny scottish way of saying it.
-Ahright min, am off doon tae the shops, cho !
-Aye, catch ya later, Cho Ding !
by Seagullmuthaphuckinpikey October 27, 2011
The act where a guy with a chode is masturbating.
He had to use two hands while choding.
by Jason C... February 04, 2003
When a man exposes his chode(a penis wider than long)and masturbates with it usually having to use two hands.
I caught him choding, and it was an ugly site.
by Jason C.. February 04, 2003