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A congenital condition resulting from a deletion on chromosome number 16 in white males. The deletion affects the production of the so-called "good-looking" gene. Patients affected are known to be of short stature,only talking about working out, ugliness, limited athletic ability and have hair loss occur with the onset of puberty, which is when the disease manifests itself. Other symptoms include trying to act black, earings, unnecessary cursing, and general douche-bagness. To this date no cure for the chodeitis has been found since no amount amount of working out, popped collars, slang words, or hair gel will keep the affected person from looking like a Chode.
Aww man look at that short guy over there with the popped collars and gelled hair...i bet he's got Chodeitis.

by CUNT MONKEY April 29, 2008
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a constant attraction to chodes; when all you dream about is chodes; pretty much obsessed with them
this guy at my school has a chode and katherine liked it so much! i think katherine has chodeitis
by lafondita April 15, 2008

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