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An advanced form of cock blocking, occurs when a collection of chodes surround an attractive female, therefore protecting her from any rival chodes. Chodeblankets can form within a group of friends when there is one girl who all the chodes want to get with, but they are all too scared to make a move. This leaves a stalemate situation where all members of the chodeblanket must follow said girl around at all times. Chodeblankets are more common on nights out when there is a shortage of quality poon. In this situation the chodeblanket can become a chodeshield, using overly-aggressive dancing to protect their quarry.
Male 1: OMG! That girl is a buff ting

Male 2: Yes mate, but look at her massive chodeblanket, you haven't got a chance.

I'd be a chode in her blanket any day.

There are so many chodes in her chodeblanket! How can I get to that poon!?
by CAYLEYUNIT November 24, 2010
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