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If you're a dude and actually have a chode, his would be your dwelling, the place where you reside aka. The Pad.
1- "Ladies welcome to our Chode-Abode, please kick your shoes off and make yourselves at home."
2- "Yo, these Bitches be straight trippin tryin to decorate our Chode-Abode thinkin they own the place!"
by ChintzyAssHo April 20, 2013
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Although the exact meaning of "chode" has been well shown , I would like to input two alternate forms of it. The first is "chode abode", which is someone who takes chodes, being a chode abode. The second is "load of chode", which rhymes and is another insult.
God, Aaron is such a chode abode.
by The movie "Fargo". September 12, 2009

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