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This is for the ladies! When your man wants anal sex, but you're not feeling it...take a shit ton of ex-lax. When he you feel it start to work, engage in anal sex. As he's enjoying himself...let the shit erupt!
I really did the Chocolate Volcano one time, and my lover never wanted anal sex again...thank god!
by Three Stooges August 15, 2008
When one partner puts baking soda and vinegar in other partners asshole, the the other partner shits out the now 'chocolate' volcano.
My girlfriends ass exploded when i did the "Chocolate Volcano" last night.
by douchebag mcchocolatelover August 24, 2010
when you give a girl a whole pack of ex-lax, and then fuck her asshole until she says she's about to shit, then you pull out, put her ass in the air and she erupts like a volcano.
billy was feeling kinky, so he gave his girlfriend the chocolate volcano.
by alexander watson January 19, 2007
This is described as when you crap in a woman's mouth to fill it. Once filled the
cheeks are slapped on the sides to create
an expulsion of poo every where.
The Chocolate Volcano is only in theory and
has never been tried, not to my knowledge anyway.
by ROKETOPUNCH January 31, 2009