What is with the first definition?!? It's a type of milk.
Just another racist cunt using chocolate milk as a sexual term.
by babtothebone June 24, 2011
after ass fuckin your lucky girl you have her give you a nice blowjob til u nut in her mouth...voila! Chocolate Milk!
i fucked your mom rippin that booty up then i made her clean my dick off in her mouth...sucked it real good til i came in her mouth and served her some CHOCOLATE MILK!
by Just Call Me Farmer John December 27, 2009
A novel that reads quickly; any book that continuously engrosses the reader so much that the book is generally completed in little time; a page-turner. Like chocolate milk, at book that is stimulating and pleasurable to ingest.
I finished the whole Lestat series in less than two weeks. It was chocolate milk.
by v1rg1lt1bbs April 08, 2009
A fluid produced by female mammals (though primarily associated with the cow) and mixed with either a flavored powder or fluid to create a divine, chocolately drink. When stored in a sealed bottle, it is known to burst when said bottle is struck against a solid object.
Don't hit anyone with that bottle of chocolate milk, 'Nettie. It might stain and/or explode all over the preps.
by IxBexAxNinja July 26, 2006
When you mix milk and chocolate sauce or powder (but we all prefer the hersheys sauce) and then you stir it up and its yummyier than regular milk
not long ago i made a nice glass of chocolate milk and took the pills for my sinus infection... no joke
by Turtlemonkeys January 19, 2004
Also known as Marijuana. Originating from the name given to the type of weed. Sometimes can be called "headies."
"Frank had some dank chocolate milk last night. We all got really stoned."
by King Kahn January 04, 2010
milk good combined with chocolate YUMMMY that you can make yourself or, if you're lucky, buy already mixed in the store
"this chocolate milk is the best is better than sex"
by the dude 420 March 31, 2006

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