A very good shot... Tastes just like Chocolate Cake, I swear.
Half Frangelico and half Vodka. Sugar coat a lemon and garnish.
by Evil Bella June 20, 2004
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chocolate cake (n.) - a delicious sweet made out of cake and chocolate
chocolate cake (v.) - the act of scarfing down one's weight in chocolate cake (see above) and doing the "i'm fat!" dance before promptly deciding that one ate far too much and going to lay down (aka a chocolate coma); often results in chocolate euphoria
1) I want some chocolate cake.
2) I'm going to go chocolate cake myself into oblivion.
by jozaud November 17, 2009
a codename for sex, so that others dont know what you're talking about
Girl 1: I really want some some chocolate cake. I'm craving chocolate cake.
Girl 2: That's disgusting. I dont care.
by jack-in-a-box March 01, 2011
A black girl's pussy.
All I want is some chocolate cake to fall in my face tonight. That would be so tasty, even if it's not her birthday!
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
A cake made of chocolate flavor. Its very yummy for most people, but the haters prefer vanilla. Chocolate Cake defines life, and why we live it. It also contains the reason why man was put on Earth.
Dude, do the stuff.

Yea, the chocolate cake?
Yea Man! I got the money
by rockinskull October 26, 2015
A crap so bad, it takes a whole roll of shit-tickets to get it all off your balloon knot.
The shit I took was so messy, I felt like I sat on a chocolate cake.
by Luther & Sara February 02, 2007
The act of taking a crap into a womans mouth and further jizzing on it creating a frosted chocolate cake.
Gill: Christina ate my whole chocolate cake last night!
Jared: My mom gave me a chocolate cake...
by ThePinkTaco and Cruncheezy June 22, 2006
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