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Also known as Milk's Favorite Cookie the only REAL chocolate biscuit The OREO consists of a sweet, white filling commonly referred to as 'cream' or 'creme', sandwiched between two circular chocolate biscuits.
1: How do you eat your chocolate biscuit?

2: The only way! Twist it, lick it, dunk it!
by ninnananna June 10, 2010
Like the game 'Soggy Biscuit' But with faeces instead of Semen.
Jimmy: Oh no pops, I pooped last

Jimmy's pops: Well, I hope you're hungry for a chocolate biscuit Jimmy!
by Efronfan July 30, 2009
When a woman shits on a mans chest and rubs it in. When the shit is dry the couple eat the flake while haveing sex.
I enjoyed a nice chocolate biscuit with my girlfriend last night.
by Gabriella Smy February 01, 2009