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n. Gay act meaning anal penetration using a strap-on dildo or other falic-like device fixed to ones forehead.
Gary bent me over and gave me a Chocolate Unicorn.
by lowfan January 12, 2011
Accidentally shitting on someone's forehead while sitting on his/her face.
Jeff gave Annie a Chocolate Unicorn while she teabagged him and she couldn't get the stink out of her hair for days.
by William J Chance May 26, 2010
The act of taking a fresh dookie, picking the solid piece up, and smashing it upon the head of an unsuspecting victim.
Person 1: Did you hear about the party last Friday?
Person 2: Didn't someone get turned into a Chocolate Unicorn?
Person 1: Yeah, it was so funny. They ran out crying.
Person 2: I wish someone would do that to me.
Person 1: Wtf?
by Crippled127 October 04, 2011
When someone wears a strap-on dildo and inserts it into his partners asshole
One of the best qualities of doing the chocolate unicorn is the amazing view!
by Katzumi May 26, 2010
When a woman is t-bagging a man, the man shits on her forehead.
Since she was kind enough to t-bag me, I turned her into a chocolate unicorn.
by Bville Devil June 13, 2010