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Pronounced (Chalk-O-lut Roar-shock) (noun) After unloading any consistency of bowel movement, do not wipe--this will destroy your results. You take your "artwork" to a close friend, bend over, spread your cheeks and ask your friend what they see. This is similar to the Rorschach inkblot test developed as a method of psychological evaluation.

Alternate definition: The results when someone with loose stools does not wipe and sits bare-assed on any flat surface, it's usually part of a practical joke, but can be done be as an accident by the incontinent.
Hey Brice, now that you've examined my CHOCOLATE RORSCHACH, I'd like to gauge your will provide a window into your personality characteristics and emotional functioning.

Hey Ryan, thanks for the spicy bar-b-que...oh, and by the way, I just left a CHOCOLATE RORSCHACH on your toilet lid.

God damn, Uncle Mark needs to put his diaper back on, he just left a CHOCOLATE RORSCHACH in my driver's seat.
by Zelch58 May 17, 2006
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