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With a hot drink (such as tea), take a chocolate bar (such as a Twix) or any that will have some form of air space inside. Bite either end of the bar, dip one end into the hot drink and suck the other end. The hot drink should reach ur mouth and after a few seconds of sucking the hot drink should make the bar soft and delicious
Man, i had a killer chocolate orgasm last night with a time-out and tea
by Brandon Raye July 27, 2008
-A toe curling poop.

-An orgasmic feeling of bowel relief.
My stomach was hurting until i chocolate orgasmed and nearly came.
by Dj Dreidel December 25, 2013
The amazing feeling you get when delicious chocolate melts in your mouth.
After having no chocolate for 3 days, I just ate a piece and had a chocolate orgasm.
by Mell_Bear February 02, 2010
When eating something so delicious, it gives you a form of sexual arousal. It doesn't have to be chocolate being eaten, any food at all. Comes from the scientific theory that chocolate contains ingredients capable of causing an actual orgasm. This is why it is so irrisistable.
"Let me have a bite of that... ohhmmm"
"Chocolate orgasm?"
"Uhh huh"
by Ill Hubs November 25, 2009

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