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Before or after sexual intercourse... The act of defocating between a morbidly obese person's pockets of fat, (commonly known as "rolls") then proceeding to obtain a firm grasp on the pockets and compress them to flatten the fecal matter into a shallow, semi-spherical, "omelet" of turd.
Nasty Fuck1: "Dude, that bitch was so fucking fat, after I fucked her senseless I decided to give her a specialty chocolate omelet. And seeing as I'm such a master chef, I served it up hot and the greasy cunt slurped it down without a second glance."

Nasty Fuck2: "Holy shit! Thats almost as bad as a chocolate ninja! She's a keeper. :)"
by Alex Schweet Andmax February 05, 2010

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A huge poop, larger then just a normal loaf.
Dude - I just whipped up this monster Chocolate Omelet!
by mianosm March 27, 2007