When someone does diahreah in your mouth.
I drank some good chocolate milk yesterday.
by Lemon Twisty Boy February 03, 2004
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the semen of a black guy
girl one: what did you do last night?
girl two: i swallowed some chocolate milk, and now my knee isn't working.
by RG12345 January 30, 2009
The nectar of the gods. The greatest drink ever to exist; in fact, the greatest ANYTHING ever to exist.

Some people drink multiple gallons of chocolate milk per day. These people have been known to hurl buildings into other buildings, have sex for literally days nonstop without getting tired, throw punches at the speed of light, and travel through time.

Someone invented Powerthirst in an attempt to replicate the effects of chocolate milk. They failed miserably.
It is a well-known fact that every superhero in existence draws their power from healthy doses of chocolate milk.
by meteoryte January 04, 2010
Best drink in the World. Why? No reasons. It just is.
Gimme some of that Chocolate Milk will ya'?
by Milliloute September 08, 2007
The ultimate beverage.
I consumed two gallons of chocolate milk today.
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
When white people hang out with black people.
Let's have some Chocolate Milk later, I miss LaRonda.
by K-Noodle November 10, 2009
An attractive Black woman,usually with big boobs,slim waist and thick booty
damn boy She's a tall class of Chocolate Milk
by ZootieMac August 28, 2010
after ass fuckin your lucky girl you have her give you a nice blowjob til u nut in her mouth...voila! Chocolate Milk!
i fucked your mom rippin that booty up then i made her clean my dick off in her mouth...sucked it real good til i came in her mouth and served her some CHOCOLATE MILK!
by Just Call Me Farmer John December 27, 2009

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