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A slang word used on wc3 among the Island Defense community to describe really bad players similar to the definition of "NuB" but this player starts off decent and decays in skill.

Chocobozor derives from the player "chocobo" a french-canadian with a indian mexican italian accent. Chocobo has the power to cause earthquakes with his excessively annoying voice. Eg. Brem, Brem, Brem! Chocobo's presence has the ability to decrease your overall grammer and gaming skills due to lack of confidence when playing with him.
Magez week 1:This is kinda fun I'm doing kinda good

Magez week 77(QQ): OMFG NOOB LEARN TO PLAY(already dead)

Player:Dude stop being a chocobozor.
by ID Community April 10, 2010
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