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A term for Money originated in Harlem

Chobba pronounced "Cha-bah" has become a widely popular term in New York City, birthed by Naima 'Pimpset' Mobsta

The term is mostly associated with large sums of money. 'If it ain't stackin', you slacking'
We stacking that chobba over here
by Bonny Bravo June 15, 2013
A fat or stupid person.
He is a chobba.
You big chobba.
What a chobba!
by sfvz March 29, 2005
a penis with pubic hair all the way up the shaft, entirely covering it
We were going streakin, and Paddy whipped out his dirty chobba, that was some rank shit
by that-guy10001 March 27, 2011

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