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better known as a Chode but smaller and fatter and often seen in babies or infants.
Lauren was changing a diaper and was amazed by the young boys chob which was larger than her fathers.
by inspired by baby March 29, 2011
0 5
1) The act of being a complete moron, asshat or assclown
2) Claiming you actually know what it is you are doing while you clearly do not
Would you guys just shut up and stop being such chobs?

Gosh, you guys are being such chobs, will you just do it?
by Rick Mazurek May 01, 2006
114 56
a fat blonde canadian kid
Guy 1: "What a fat canadian kid"
Guy 2: "No dude what a chob"
by mikey8914 September 18, 2010
47 25
when a guy has a little tufty tash on his chin just below his bottom lip which looks like chin pubes!
jill:ryan wat the fuk is that on your chin?
ryan:wat u mean. i just like to be different!
jill:they look like chin pubes, shorter name for it chobs! is it cause u got a subaru?
ryan:no i got a panda!
by jill x x buckley March 27, 2009
9 3
when someone else made a mistake; "your bad"
Person 1: Oops i seem to have made a typo here...
Person 2: Cho b, cho b!
by idkkkk March 25, 2008
6 0
To hit or prod someone in the back of the head with a cusion or pillow.
I am not a fan of Gordon, I really wish somone would chob that cunt.
by Barry Amazon January 26, 2014
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Larger breasts that have a decent amount of sag on them. Therefore giving them a slightly different definition to there smaller counterparts Chebs
Wow massive chobs there!
by willyoba August 07, 2011
1 1
manboobs,mantits - chobs are the exact male replica of chebs see tits,boobsetc...
they are when a man has tits made entirely of fat that are so big,you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were implants
oh my god, look at steve raps' chobs
by i_hate_manboobs_05-06 December 24, 2005
3 3