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1. Verb hybrid term in gerund form incorporating elements of both froadin' (engaging in off-road motorsports) and douchebaggery (unpleasant, boorish behavior).

2. People who live inland with jetskis.

See also: choading
"Say, brah, let's hook up the trailer to the lifted Ford F-150 truck and head out to Gordon's Well for a delightful weekend of choadin'."
by American Athlete July 30, 2004
Someone who ditches their friends on a regular basis to "hang out" with their significant other.
Where's Dirty Darren at tonight? Probably choadin' with Jaco!!
by The Bins October 19, 2009
Modern-day spelling of Choaden.
The crew of rotund, stumplike adolescents gathered round the Encyclopedia Brittanica at lunch to read about the ancient war god, Choadin.
by Junkpile September 05, 2006