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Someone who ditches their friends on a regular basis to "hang out" with their significant other.
Where's Dirty Darren at tonight? Probably choadin' with Jaco!!
by The Bins October 19, 2009
1. Verb hybrid term in gerund form incorporating elements of both froadin' (engaging in off-road motorsports) and douchebaggery (unpleasant, boorish behavior).

2. People who live inland with jetskis.

See also: choading
"Say, brah, let's hook up the trailer to the lifted Ford F-150 truck and head out to Gordon's Well for a delightful weekend of choadin'."
by American Athlete July 30, 2004
Modern-day spelling of Choaden.
The crew of rotund, stumplike adolescents gathered round the Encyclopedia Brittanica at lunch to read about the ancient war god, Choadin.
by Junkpile September 05, 2006
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