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someone who usually pisses everyone off; maybe someone who is a pain in the ass e.g. - retard, fuckface, etc.: the choad reference is a penis that is wider than it is longer, something undesirable; people usually add face after everything...hence choadface
Sara: Hey. Look at Lindsay Lohan. She just gave us another crotch shot.

Joe: Wow. Really. I wonder why she still does that. What a choadface.
by Yourmotherbuyingmeavideogame November 15, 2010
A person, usually male, who plays video games, dresses like a fag, acts like a virgin, might be on the virge of becoming bi or gay, and wants to have sex with his/her cousin.
Tommy: All that guys does is play Pokemon and doesn't even check out those girls.

Bill: He probably jerks off to gay animal porn too.

Tommy: He's such a Choadface!
by Braze13 April 23, 2010
A choad face is a nasty word which basically describe a stupid guy. Just imagine what a choad face would be :p
Hey man, gimme your shoes i like them
Yeah, fuck off you choad face!
by Thib August 31, 2006
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