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A Chloe tends to usually be a beautiful petite girl who is shy and often misunderstood. She would be a perfect friend, best friend or even a girlfriend. People often put down Chloes and it does crush her confidence but she always tries her best to keep a smile on her face.
That girl is a Chloe
by Paigey534 April 25, 2013
A gorgeous girl, but a real heartbreaker.
A: Damn, that girl is fine!
B: Watch it, man, she's a Chloe.

I thought she was the girl of my dreams, but she turned out to be a Chloe.
by I'mAFireman! January 09, 2010
A Chloe is a girl who is amazing and talented but sometimes has a low self-esteem. She may not feel beautiful or hot, but she is the most beautiful and adorable girl you can ever meet. She is sweet and when she has to say something people will listen. If she ever spills out her heart to you then you know she really trusts you and you better not mess that up! She is just extraordinary and people who are lucky enough to meet Chloe will never forget her outer and inner beauty. You would want to keep her safe and always make her smile just to see that smile that will make your whole day. You would love her more than anything in the universe and you would want to spend forever with her.
I can't believe she is so amazing!
Yeah dude she's a Chloe.
by M.m96 February 21, 2012
An intelligent, witty, caring, hilarious, understanding girl who has a lot of friends. Her friends are more like sisters and she speaks her mind. Listens to good music although its not to everyones taste.
Who is that?
Dude thats Chloe!
Oh yeah, Of course!
by Mr football August 27, 2011
Walking talking heartbreaking machine she can take even the player-est of players and get them to care only to shrug them off like its nothing. Embodies most guys fantasies but it seems like no one can have her which is only made worse by the fact that there is absolutely no one else like her in the world.
-So you met Chloe, did you? Good luck.

-Better stay away from Chloe, she'll get you
by getlow250 March 20, 2010
A wonderful, beautiful girl with a nice ass. She's really sweet and lots of fun. She can be silly and a bit perverted but it's not a bad thing. She's got a gorgeous chest and very sexy legs. She's loved by everyone and every guy in the room suddenly has to hide a boner when she walks into the room. She also radiates awesomeness. She (unfortunately for the rest of you mere mortals) also has a boyfriend who loves her too much to leave her. B) =P
Girl: Hey look it's Chloe. HII CHLOE!!
Boy: Oh uh.. umm... Hi Chloe *Slouches*

Boy 1: I'm gonna ask out Chloe.
Boy 2: HA! Good luck, she has that boyfriend _____.
Boy 1:I have to try.
Boy 2: *Walks away from his friend laughing.
by PhsycoCookie December 18, 2011
<3 Chloe<3, there are so many words to describe her, smart, beautiful, amazing, humorous, fun... and so many more. she has the best personality and i want to spend the rest of my life with her, the feeling i get when im with her is absolutely amazing and i just want to hold her tight forever <3 <3 i want to grow old with her and i want to die in her arms <3 <3 ive never ever felt this way before and i know im in love xxxxxx p.s Chloe this is from me <3 <3 <3 c.s.r i love you so much babeyy girl, me and you forever babeeyyy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"do you know chloe"
"do i know her? are you kidding im inlove with her
by Chingman101 July 19, 2011
Really pretty nice girl who is tall and flawless. Her eyes are deep blue and soulful. She is cute funny and smart - whats not to love? She has a talent for art and singing and has a love for fashion. Chloe is a unique individual that everyone loves. She is different, sexy, and beautiful. Chloe sometimes has cute cravings like for chocolate and such. Everyone looks up to her as a inspiration. Many are jealous and those who aren't tend to still want to be around her rays of sunshine.
Chris; WOW look at that stunning girl! She is perfect!

Mark; She is a total Chloe.
by lalalalawonderland June 17, 2011