A "CHIPSTER" is a hybrid word made up of CHIP and HIPSTER.

A CHIPSTER carries a chip on their shoulder and as a result has a hatred for those thought of as or identified as HIPSTERS.
Chipsters have animosity towards hipsters.
by LPS March 06, 2008
Top Definition
A portmanteau of the words Chicano and Hipster. They are typically educated, better-off and younger Mexican-Americans who retain some of their parents' Chicano culture, while also integrating modern American hipster appearances such as skinny jeans and flannel.
Boyle Heights has seen soaring property values and cost-of-living due to all the chipsters moving back to the traditionally low-income and homogeneously Mexican neighborhood; they tend to congregate at coffee shops such as Primera Taza.
by miguelelel August 19, 2013
Christian church going person who dresses like a hipster. Praising Jesus with the most ironic skinny pants fashion sense out there.
by shootinqueen84 February 07, 2015
Cross between the hipster and chav. Regulary seen on Tumblr. Attempt to become so non-mainstream that they are actually mainstream. Think they are being different and 'indie', but are just the same as everybody else. Commonly wear vans, geek glasses and lots of fake tan.

Chav + Hipster = Chipster.
See a girl walking down the street wearing red vans, cut off levis and too much fake tan?

by lemonie94 December 04, 2011
A hipster who creates 8-bit "chip" music using sounds from video games (Nintendo Gameboy, etc.)
"Dude, Are you going to Blipfest this year?"

"Yeah, I guess. I just don't want to be surrounded by an army of fucking Brooklyn chipsters."

by brooke shields and gay clubs September 03, 2008
-(noun) A hybrid of Chicago archetypes chad and hipster: The chipster is truly a chad at heart bringing all the innate baggage associated with being a vain, ignorant, Big 10 fun boy with him as he externally transforms into the Wicker Park staple hipster. This quasi-transformation can be easily spotted by the telltale Pabst t-shirt and excessively spikey hair.
That Lincoln Park chipster is such a poser, he doesn't even listen to indie music.
by AndyK August 13, 2006
An extreme hipster that takes hipsterism to new levels. Chipsters are a new culture of people who believe that hipsters have become too mainstream.
Student A: That bloke in the George Best shirt is a proper chipster mate.
Student B: Nah it's mainstream hipster that, the 1969 European Cup final shirt is a chipster shirt.
Student A: Yeah true that, fair play
by Bwahdalming September 25, 2013
a hybrid of Chicago and Hipster. kinda like the hipster movement in the east coast but in the west Coast. anybody that defines themselves as a Mexican-American. who enjoys 60s 70s 80s music,culture. loves any style of spanish music as well as American music. dresses like a hipster but are true to their Mexican roots.
There was a lot of Chipsters at the occupy LA movement.
by Tony805 October 23, 2012
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