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A physical addiction to Chipotle Burritos. The thought of the word "Chipotle" can suddenly make an individual with Chipotle syndrome feel excessively hungry, and possess a voracious craving for Chipotle Burritos.

1. Begin to eat at least one daily burrito every day.
2. The word "burrito", in a pavlovian manner, signals it's time for a meal at Chipotle.

3. Craving for Chipotle Burritos.
4. Most other foods pale in comparison to Chipotle Burritos

in one's mind, and are far less desirable.
Jim: Yeah, so I took this girl to Chipotle for dinner last night. It was beautiful!
Derek: Yeah, she's hot?
Jim: I added that hot sauce. Burrito was incredible!
Derek: Man, you need help. You have it.
Jim: Have what?
Derek: Chipotle syndrome.
by Chiplove November 03, 2011
The beautiful art of making a masterpiece in the toilet, while it stenches the whole bathroom up of various smells such as, Total Toilet Domination, Ass Volcano, and Hurricane Ass-Cheek. Then someone walks into the bathroom, seeing you have recreated Pompeii with your ass. You soon forget about it 48 hours later.
I was eating at Chipotle, when all of a sudden an old grandma was clenching her butt-cheeks and went in the bathroom which sounded like World War III. You really feel bad for the janitors who clean that mess up. That's when I knew she had Chipotle Syndrome
by OrangeDonut76 August 18, 2014