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It is used to clean the blood stains out of your underwear from eating Chipotle.

Introduced by the ghost of Billy Mays on a South Park episode titled 'Dead Celebrities'
Holy shit, I love Chipotle but it makes my underwear all bloody afterwards, ah hell, I might resort to Chipotlaway over giving it up.

Hi! BILLY MAYS here for CHIPOLTAWAY! Here's how to order!..
by billy mayzuh October 07, 2009
A Billy Mays-endorsed product used to clean up the blood stains one receives in their underwear after eating food from Chipotle Mexican Grill.
A: Dude, you're eating Chipotle again? What're you gonna do about those blood stains coming out of your ass?

B: It's okay, my mom uses Chipotlaway when she washes my undies.
by specialbrownies34 October 07, 2009