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When a a person puts chips, preferably ruffles, in the cavity about to be penetrated and eats the broken pieces afterwards.
Guy:O man that was the best sex ever.
Girl: Your dick is bleeding from the chiplets.
Guy: Its just tabasco added to the ranch thats already on them.
Girl: Thats disgusting.
by Da Jesus April 20, 2005
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A small chip, usually found at the bottom of bags containing large amounts of potato chips, or sticking to the tips of your greasy fingers; A small parasitic electronic chip, usually found on the backs of larger pieces of hardware.
def 1.

*turns chip bag over*
"dear god you got chiplets everywhere!"

def 2.

"Aha! I see the problem, your computer is infected with chiplets. I'm going to need some pesticide."
by Anonymous Creature August 11, 2009
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