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A surfer prone to excitedly telling stories of 'way back when'. Probably a combination of Chipper (upbeat), Chip off the Old Block (second generation), and Fish (both the water creature and the retro-style surfboard). Austrailan in origin.
"Mate, that bloke should get a new surfboard or get stuffed about his old one."
"Yeah, I know, he's such a Chipfish."
by Greenmann February 02, 2006

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An australian surfer prone to telling stories of 'way back when'...combines 'chip off the old block' (2nd generation surfer), 'chipper' (upbeat), and fish - a 'retro' style of surfboard & a water creature.
That bloke should try a better board or get stuffed about his old one.
Yeah, mate, but he's such a chipfish.
by Sparko February 01, 2006