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A beautiful girl, who has a pure soul, and a good heart. She is perfect in most every way, and no her makes life better. Without Chinwe, and her BEAUTY, one wouldn't be living right. I am so lucky to know her.
Without Chinwe, my life was nothing.
by Tsukiyaoifangirl#1 April 12, 2011
(A) A stupid 500-pound woman who can't tell the difference between the right answer or the wrong answer. Also likes to beat students.

(B) A game played by bored students, in which the word "Chinwe" is said at progressively louder volumes. The one who yells Chinwe when she notices loses. Usually ends with her famous saying "Who say my name?"
(A) Man, I totally failed that math test.
Yeah, that's cause you had Chinwe.

(B) *whispered* "Chinwe"
*spoken* "Chinwe"
*screamed* "CHINWE!!!!!!!"
"Who say my name?!"
by WhoKnows53 October 16, 2009

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