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An Indian name with multiple meanings:
1. Adjective - Deep meditative Thought
2. Noun - Call center operator with Holllywood ambitions
3. Adjective - Synonym for awesome
4. Verb - To scam large corporations out of free products

Common nicknames:
1. Tanman
2. Easy C
3. Big Poppa
4. Chintonian

Often found in the same sentence as Nisha
1. I am sorry I missed your call, I was in deep chintan.

2. Hello sir, my name is Chintan, but you can call me Chris, like NCIS:LA star and former Robin actor Chris O'Donell, how may I help you today?

3a. I just spotted Will Smith coming out of a Jamba Juice, how Chintan is that!!

3b. Did you hear that Chintan and Nisha got married? How Chintan is that!

4. Did you hear how they got 4 free computers by pretending to be Chris O'Donnell? They really chintaned Dell for that one!
by ChrisO'Donnell February 04, 2010