Were you throw a helpless red fat animal called a chinchompa at an NPC
Example of Chinning;
(13:25:54) <%Arkie> ffs
(13:25:58) <%Arkie> just threw a chin at a bird
by Lewis Jamieson July 09, 2009
The act of penitrating using the brunt force of a chin. To move your chin in a rapid motion around a hole.
Ashley got chinned once and she has been begging for it every since. After they find out its what the girls want all the guys will be chinning.
by jon125 June 12, 2008
The act of smashing ones chin against another's head, usually out of love. This tradition is shared among several species of mammal.
"Man I heard you got a good chinning last night"
"Yeah mate, she really loves me"
by cj201uk February 03, 2015
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