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A Chink Muppet can be alot of fun to have around but they are a person who can never be trusted. Once a Chink Muppet is in your house, KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!! If you are somewhat of a cool, funny, talented, smart and/or good looking person, the Chink Muppet will quickly begin to see themselves as an inadequate human being. These feelings are 100% valid. To combat these feelings, the Chink Muppet will attempt to remove objects from your house and leave them in your back lane. Some favorite objects to remove from your house include: your guitar; your dishes(clean or dirty); your girlfriend. ***!!!BEWARE OF CHINK MUPPET!!!***
"Chink Muppet! You stole my full pack of cigarettes again! And why the fuck do you keep putting all my wine glasses on top of my neighbors tent trailer??! Amy? ...Hey baby... you there.... ?...DAMN YOU CHINK MUPPET!!"
by exfriendly August 03, 2009
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