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An unrealistic term that is used to udderly confuse people, commonly used in prank phone calls
"Chinese pizza wha yoo orda!?"
"What the fuck dude?"
"You orda Chinee Pizza or I pull Jackie Chan moove on yoo!"
by Kyle Pringle May 19, 2003
20 50
Also called a Scallion Pancake, this is a flat pancake style dough with green onions (scallions) and deep fried. Usually served with a brown hoison sauce.
customer: I'd like to order a chinese pizza.

employee: Whuh?

customer: I'd like to order a chinese pizza. Right here. (points to item on menu)

Employee: Ahhh...numbah 23. Nex time you ordah by numbah!
by altonb1 December 18, 2008
45 13
Chinese Pizza comprises pizza dough + Chinese food + cheese and then baked as a traditional pizza.
Chinese Pizza generally does not have the Italian-style tomato sauce but instead has a brown Chinese sauce or a tangy/spicy Chinese sauce.
Some restaurants rely primarily on a hoison bbq sauce.
Man, I'm dying for some General Tso's Pizza or some Kung Pao Pizza; it is delicious.
Mongolian Beef with onions also makes an excellent Chinese Pizza.
by 2Legit2quit August 30, 2013
2 2
1. Term used by drunk dumbass friends of "his" to describe the pizza after the cheese falls off it.
2. Also used in scenarios to confuse people.
example one:
dweeb: You want some chinese pizza?

example two:
dweeb's sister: What are you doing?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: Why are you being an asshole?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: you are such an ass
dweeb: I'm mexican. I want some chinese pizza!!
dweeb's sister: seriously, go to hell
dweeb: I'm canadian. chinese pizza!
by enlightened hippie breeder May 22, 2005
20 42