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Menu item that started at a Chinese massage parlor. The masseuse puts a peppermint Tic-Tac in a male's pee hole, then gives a blow job till the male gives a resounding scream and a small pop is heard.
yarbs- "Dude, what the fuck? It sounded like the Fourth of July in your room last night!"

sammiam- "Bro, that hooker gave me a Chinese Firecracker!!"
by yabs August 20, 2007
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A form of anal sex , in which rapid quick spanking occurs when the penis is inserted.
I gave her a Chinese Firecracker last night
by wordplay71 July 16, 2015
Dude don't put wasabi on ur pecker .
Chinese firecracker. It hurt really bad when pour it on ur thingy
by watsabi March 07, 2008

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