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Shortened form of chinchilla; See similar pussy, vag, beef curtain
Sandy needs to shave her chinch. It's getting really hairy down there.
by Niles Ward June 27, 2005
A foul, uncommon stench that originates in the goochal region. Frequently due to contact with discharge from the said goochal region that has been left unwashed for some time.
Dude, I wiped my ass, and now my finger smells like chinch.
by JacksonAttack January 23, 2008
the codename used when refering to a cigarette with others. derived from the term chinchilla, a small fury animal.
guy 1: hey man, wanna go for a chinch?

guy 2: k bbz
by THATDUKIE January 26, 2012
An extremely obvious cheap person.
Frank didn't want to reimburse me for the ebay fees. He's such a fucking chinch.
by davedave1 January 07, 2010
A multi-purpose word generally used in the place of vulgar slang with animal connotations e.g. Bitch, Pussy. Whereas these two words are derived from terms used to describe dogs and cats, Chinch is derived from the adorable, fluffy, and otherworldly-ly cuddly Chinchilla, a rodent native to the Andes Mountains in South America. Also, can be used as a racist term against anyone with not-translucent skin.
"I would have loved to hang out with you guys last night, but I was too busy pleasuring my girlfriend's chinch."
by Koala Fritz March 27, 2012
1. (noun) tall, skinny, white, hairy bitch that doesn't know how to run or operate a kitchen knife

2. (noun) Blissus leucopterus
In the film, The Shining, Shelley Duvall plays the role of a chinch superbly.
by Frank.the.tank November 02, 2010
Thief, bamboozler, stealing thot
This ole chinch done stole my damn money.
by datrose December 03, 2015

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